My beautiful chair… I just noticed our cat has put his claws into our very expensive leather chair?  Can it be repaired?  Yes!   Sanche Leather Restoration will be able to repair the tear, and you won’t even know the cat was there!   The key is to seam the leather back together, and then we color match the dye and blend in the new color.  Repairs vary based on how the tear has come apart.   Generally, it is possible to make a leather repair with minimal ‘scar’ damage.   That is a beautiful component of leather.   You can repair it!    Cat scratches or other common tears to leather are things we have learned to do.  Give us a call!  Send us a photo!   Leather repairs are what we do!    Sending us a photo will allow us to determine how long the leather tear and leather repair will take!  It also is a nice way to have the before and after gallery come together!   We love to see the before and we love you to see the after!    We recently had a client who had his keys dig a tear into his leather car seat.  Not happy.  However, the tear was rather easy to fix.   A binder bandaid was applied behind the tear, and we were able to make the seam come together, then applied our special blend of colors, and snap your finger.. leather repair complete!  Leather tear gone!    Not all tears are easy?   Some require multiple steps and a few days in between to have the leather relaxed so as to be stretched to the original shape.   And it may take a day or two for the epoxy glue to dry and allow time for us to then begin reshaping in new leather.   And if the tear is larger, we may have to do a few colorant phases, as we apply even coats to make the blend happen.    Summary?  Leather Tear = Leather Repair.