Has your favorite piece of leather furniture cracked due to dry weather conditions you live in? Do you want the best leather repair Palm Springs?

Repairing and Restoring Is Smarter. Here’s Why.

Replacing damaged leather is expensive. It can get even more expensive in Palm Springs, if you have to buy a whole new set of leather pieces so they match. Finding a specialist who can repair and restore your damaged leather can be more cost effective. SanChez Leather Restoration is here to help you with your leather repair needs in the Palm Springs area!

Why Choose SanChez Leather Restoration?

  • We work with furniture, autmobiles, aircrafts
  • Commericial
  • Residential
  • Mobile Service
  • Panel Upholstery Replacement
  • Color Matching
  • Leather Dying
  • Cleaning and Conditioning

We will restore your leather to Like-New Condition. Get a high quality restoration instead of a replacement. Extends the life of your leather. Renews the Protective Finish. Restoration gives new life to those original leathers that can be hard to find. We are a mobile service. Pick up available. Delivery available. Fraction of the Cost. Save tons of money compared to the cost of replacing a full set. Fix Cuts, Cracks, Tears, Holes. Many common types of damages can be repaired or refinished. All Your Items Will Match. Expertly Matched Colors & Textures. We can balance color and texture to blend the repair into the existing finish so repairs are invisible.

We repair leather in Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Palm Dessert, Coachella Valley, Indio.

Call SanChez Leather Restoration for the BEST Leather Repair Palm Springs!

SanChez Leather Restoration will restore your favorite leather pieces to their original beauty. We specialize in commercial and residential leather repair for furniture, automobile and aircraft. SanChez Leather Restoration prides themselves on quality, craftsmanship, and being family owned and operated. Contact us and get your free quote today!

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