Do you need the best leather color matching San Diego? Are you noticing imperfections in your leather? Perhaps fading or scratches? No need to worry about buying new furniture! Many people are unaware that leather repair and restoration is a cost effective alternative to buying new leather pieces. SanChez Leather Restoration can help you get your beautiful leather furniture back to how they were brand new! Welcome to an entirely new concept in leather restoration and repair! Many coating create a thick layer and require a lot of preparation. The product SanChez Leather Restoration uses is like a conditioning dye and is easy to touch up in the future!

Best Leather Color Matching San Diego

  1. SanChez Leather Restoration mixes a small amount of dye and test it on an original sample (located somewhere on the couch). Sometimes proper sunlight is mandatory, so, that it will match perfectly!
  2. We will adjust the color accordingly, until we are content with the color.
  3. We will expand the formula to the desired amount.
  4. The final color will be tested, for the last time.


  • Dyes will conceal scuffs, stains, fading, and condition leather.
  • Applied with a sponge, brush, and spray gun.
  • Won’t change texture, grain, or feel.
  • Anti-UV colors won’t fade, crack, peel, flake or transfer to clothing.
  • Use on furniture, spa covers, RV, auto, boat interiors, vinyl tops, saddlebags, and more!

Call SanChez Leather Restoration for the Best Leather Color Matching San Diego!

Best Leather Color Matching San Diego is as simple as painting a room in your house! SanChez Leather Restoration will restore your favorite leather pieces to their original beauty. We specialize in commercial and residential leather repair for furniture, automobile, and aircraft. SanChez Leather Restoration prides themselves in quality, craftsmanship, mobile, family owned and operated. Contact us and get your free quote today! Phone: (877) 506-2282