Leather Cleaning Glenwood Springs

Do you want the best leather cleaning Glenwood Springs? SanChez Leather Restoration is here to help! Many things can dirty your beautiful leather pieces, so a regular cleaning is essential.

What can dirty your leather furniture?

  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Pets
  • Friction
  • Liquids
  • Food

It is so important that you get a regular cleaning of your leather so that you can protect it from deteriorating.

What are the benefits?

Overtime your leather will build up soil and lose its value. A regular cleaning and conditioning will keep it in like-new condition, so that you save money on buying new furniture. We know that replacing your furniture can be expensive. We know exactly how to treat and clean your leather.


We will thoroughly clean your leather to remove soil. Applying a matching color will fix any scratches. SanChez Leather Restoration can restore your furniture back to its original color, and often the color can be changed to update the furniture.

Call SanChez Leather Restoration for Best Leather Cleaning Glenwood Springs!

SanChez Leather Restoration will restore your favorite leather pieces to their original beauty. We specialize in commercial and residential leather repair for furniture, automobile, and aircraft. SanChez Leather Restoration prides themselves in quality, craftsmanship, mobile, family owned and operated. Contact us and get your free quote today!

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